Friday, December 16, 2011

Keeping spirits bright

I've been struggling with Lupus since before Thanksgiving, but I wanted to post the brighter moments from the past several weeks -- because I have found that the way to live with this illness is to try and stay upbeat (notice I said "try" -- it doesn't always work!).  So, here are some bright spots....

I finished a few new windows that I quite like.  Behold:
This one was commissioned by a friend (can't so who until the holidays are over!). 

I was thinking of the song "Field of Barley" after my friend Dennis requested it at an open mic (see, I can still get out!).  But those darn poppies keep possessing me :^).  Poppies and Barley?  hmmmmm...
I also had a great time at the UMass Lowell Center for Women and Work craft fair ("Women's Works).  Here is a  shot of my table there -- all orts and fragments!

And some of my happiest moments have been so spontaneous: driving to pick up Griff at school and watching a flock of birds swoop and bathe in a rain puddle and then take off to dry in a tree; catching the sun on leaves and branches in Harvard Square when I was in to have coffee with a friend; or the magical lights of a pre-Christmas evening in Portland, Maine as we strolled with good friends whom we have missed so much (okay, I'm about to start singing "A few of my favorite things" here!). These keep my spirits bright:


And, finally, a moment of self indulgence that might embarrass my son: Brightest of all moments was seeing Griffin help produce the Winter Show at his school!  You rock, Griff.

Happy Holidays, all!