Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What started as a "Garden in a Bag"

My friend Dhvani turned me onto a great vegetable garden idea for those who don't have good soil or much space.  (I have plenty of space, but after 4 tries in 12 years, it's clear that the soil in my yard does not work well for vegetables!)  So, I thought I'd try a garden in a bag -- which is just what it sounds like: you put down bags of organic soil, cut the tops out, put drainage holes in the bottom, pop in your plants of choice and, Voila!, a garden.  
Well, I have never done any garden project in a small way, but I was determined not to tear up the yard for a fifth time.  Really, I was!  But once I dug up the sod to make a place for the bags, it seemed a shame to leave all that plastic from the bags.  So, here's what I have today:
 I'm crossing all digits that this time I'll have success -- and then maybe I can expand next year!

And, just for fun, here are a few more shots of all that's growing in the flower beds:
The Rugosa is blooming -- and oh, what a heavenly scent!

The Poppies are ready to burst;

The divine Valerian are perfuming the air;
And the three Peonies are sitting straight up in their chairs, just ready to show off their petals.  Meanwhile, on the shady side of the yard:

The Bachelor Buttons are complimenting the Viburnum;

The Rhododendron is strutting her stuff; 

The Babtisia is nodding to the big Hosta;

The Guacamole Hosta and the Rhodie flowers are showing off the lasting color of the worn out chairs;

And the blue bench is spending its feeble last season leaning against the railing.

Happy Spring, Everyone!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

After the Rain

The rain stopped today.  I took advantage of a relatively sunny moment and went out to check on the garden.  Everything was freshly washed and reaching for the sun.  The leaves were heavy with rain, but the flowers were undaunted:

The fish and "fowl" were out, and the frog was playing hide and seek in the foliage:

The semester is finally coming to an end -- soon I will again have time for playing with glass!!