Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nature's Textures

In all my travels this summer, I've been taking quick shots of moments in nature that inspire me.  Most of them have either been grand vistas or extreme close-ups. Here are a few of the extreme close-ups -- I love them for their muted colors and textures:

Monday, August 12, 2013

Where did my words go?

I've been waiting -- impatiently -- for the muse to descend or arrive with some apt words to describe all I saw in Spain.  But, you see, I've been silent inside for so many years that even a blast of beauty like Spain cannot coax that muse out of hiding (this, by the way, would be the subject of a ponderous post if, yes, you guessed, if I had the words! )
In lieu of words, more pictures!
First, a little more Barcelona and Gaudi.

And now, a few pictures of new work:

This one has a lot of ceramic figures throughout -- I've been calling it "Dorothy's Dream" as I've worked on it.

Here are a few detail shots -- sorry about the poor quality!

And a couple more windows: