Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last few warm days of 2011...

After our freaky October snow storm -- that left so many people without power (many still!) -- we've had glorious warm days lately.  Tomorrow rain and cooler temperatures are supposed to return, so I took the chance to do a little yard clean up. A task that isn't much fun in the humid heat of August and September can be such a blast on a precious warm day in November!  I took a few shots of the late afternoon (we're talking 3 o'clock -- it IS November, after all!):

The watering can and dying oat grass in the sunlight give me that bittersweet feeling that only arrives in late fall.  The colors are so rich and so fleeting.  But there were still a few fighters blooming in the garden:

 The perennial chrysanthemums and veronica  seem so remarkable after there have been more than six inches of snow on the ground!

 And there are still frogs in the pond!

Enjoy these days!


  1. Thank you, Ma'am. Been waiting for another post!!!!

  2. My pleasure, dear. Sorry to be so absent!