Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gleaning in Eastport

"It is a wild, rank place, and there is no flattery in it. Strewn with crabs, horseshoes, and razor clams, and whatever the sea casts up,—a vast morgue, where famished dogs may range in packs, and crows come daily to glean the pittance which the tide leaves them."  Henry David Thoreau

Well, perhaps I am a bit like the crow that Thoreau mentions: I cannot be near the sea without spending some (considerable) time gleaning "the pittance which the tide leaves."  Here is some of what I gathered today:
I love all the sea pottery.  And finding the little statue and pipette was like discovering buried treasure! 

Here's a closer looker at the torso.
I made a few pieces of jewelry with some of the treasures I gleaned on Saturday, but I haven't yet envisioned the best way to feature my little torso.  
Here are a few shots of one of the necklaces I made with gleanings from Thoreau's "vast morgue":
A ceramic piece with holes and a ceramic insulating tube became the focal point of this necklace.

A closer look at the curious little ceramic piece (that might be for electrical use).

Clearly, some of what "the sea casts up" in Eastport is not going to remain in the morgue if I come upon it.  It will adorn my neck instead! 
(And if it's sea glass, it might adorn my walls -- but we'll save that for another post.)

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