Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inspiration from the Divine Lynda Barry

Okay, when I start opening up to creativity, I can't help but to see the way the world responds (is that self-centered, egotistic, solipsistic....?? You bet!). But I feel so lucky right now:  I just came from a two hour writing workshop with the extraordinarily gifted, talented, funny, and gracious Lynda Barry!  And yesterday I heard her talk at UMass Lowell AND got to go out to dinner with her and a bunch of other wonderful people -- smell me.  If you don't know Lynda's work, I urge you to explore this site where you can find just about everything you need to keep you happy, entertained, weeping, laughing.... for years to come.  Promise.

Lynda's workshop today took us all into that creative part of our brains that doesn't stop to edit and judge -- the place where we get close to what she calls "deep play."  If you're interested in her process, get a copy her wonderful book What It Is -- a resource, inspiration, and guide all in one.

 Or, take a look at this video:

Lynda's lecture yesterday was inspiring and reminded me that I need to continue to find ways to stay in touch (daily!) with the part of my brain that engages in serious play.  At mid-career, I have virtually lost my sense of play (notice I DID NOT say mid-life? Yep, like Mario Martinez says in The Mind-Body Code, we get to live to 150 -- so there's no way I'm middle-aged.  Got it!?). But play is where it's at; just ask Lynda Barry. She knows. 

Here are a few pictures of the mischievous spirit we were all in at dinner last night:

Lynda cajoles Jean-Marie Gavarini into eating more pasta!
Lynda and Paula Haines trade stories!

Lynda holds the door so the fun won't stop! (And, yes, that's my
handsome husband in the background.)

Who knew I could get so excited about a bite of Julie Nash's steak?

I confessed this to Lynda, so I might as well tell the world: I have a crush on this woman!  Who wouldn't?


  1. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! I don't know who to be jealous of more - you for getting to actually be with the creative goddess of the UNIVERSE, Lynda Barry, or - now I am casting daggers at my idol because YOU have a crush on HER!!!!!!! Ahhh! I am going to go into my little studio and nurture these painful emotions till they blossom into the most glorious crations - then you shall both worship MEEEE!!!!!

  2. Darling, a crush is such a small thing compared to my love for you! Kiss