Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Windows!

Just a few windows to show:
This is another transom sized window that I found at an architectural salvage shop up in New Hampshire.  I sure wish this size window wasn't so expensive and so hard to find!

This is a special order I've been working on.  I have never been so picky about a piece -- I usually don't lay it all out on a separate piece of glass before I'm ready to glue, for example!  But I'm happy with the result.

And here's one that I finished designing back in April --- there's a detail shot below.

Hopefully I'll get more grouted and posted before we head for our vacation in Maine.  
Now, off to enjoy the welcome sunshine!


  1. When do you have TIME for these amazements?

  2. You are so kind, my dear. I can't go too long without playing with the glass -- so the emerge in the evenings mostly (sometimes late into the night!)

  3. Could I ask a big favour? Could you at some point do a blog post about the process of how you put together your amazing glass pieces? I find the whole process just facinating and wonder things like how much material you collect at a time? Whether the material comes first or the idea? (and then you seek the material out), what your wokspace is like? Where you find inspiration & where your style comes from? Whether you lay things out or let the mood take you? Vikki x

  4. Hi, Vikki.
    Sure! I will be away on vacation for the rest of June, so I'm not likely to post again until July. I am already looking forward to spending time thinking about your quesitons.
    Have you done mosaics?

  5. Well happy holidays Marlowe! No I've never had a go at mosaics, I suppose I'm curious on what is the 'right way to do it' or if there are any rules that you really have to abide by? You're work is just lovely, the flow and the colours really sublime! Vikki x