Monday, July 9, 2012

Home from Maine

Sadly, our two weeks in Maine flew by!  We arrived home last Sunday and I've been in a Lupus flare since Monday (when I foolishly mowed the fields, I mean lawn, in the hottest part of the hot day -- what was I thinking?!).  I'm feeling much stronger now, but I still have a lot of fatigue.  So, before I go off to read freshman placement essays, for which I will need all my strength ;^), I'll just post a few photos from our trip.  Every year, it gets harder to come home -- I think Maine might be my retirement home one day:

Looking out at the harbor on the day we arrived -- ahhh!

The meadow at  Sand Beach in Acadia

Fog rolling in!

Just beautiful!

Stay tuned for a post about my creative process!


  1. This place is really an awesome place for retirees. It’s scenic and relaxing ambiance can surely calm tired senses, and it’s a wonderful place for contemplation. Just sitting beside the sand beach can give everyone the opportunity to think of his or her triumphs and accomplishments. It’s a great place to stay after long years of hard work, and a perfect spot to reminisce the beautiful memories of younger years.

    Cara Larose

  2. Ah, Cara, thank you for that perspective! I do hope I can land in Maine when my working days are over!

  3. Maine is certainly a beautiful place! I think I would also like to retire in a place like this. It has a relaxing atmosphere that you can just relax and enjoy every moment. I think this would motivate you to start planning for your own retirement. And take extra careful when planning the part where your financial capacity is concern, as this is where some retirees encounter problems.

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